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Inclusive Constitution-Making: The Icelandic Experiment


  • Special thanks to Kristinn Már Ársælsson (ALDA), Jim Fishkin (Stanford University), Salvör Nordal (Director of the Center for Ethics at the University of Iceland and a former member of the Icelandic Constitutional Council), Finnur Magnusson (CTO of the Icelandic Constitutional Council) and Jón Ólafsson (Bifröst University). I presented the idea of this article at the conference on “In/Equalities, Democracy, and the Politics of Transition” in Reykjavik, in May 2012, at the end of which Jón Ólafsson gave some of the participants, including myself, the opportunity of meeting with nine of the twenty-five Constitutional Council members. I'm grateful for the better understanding of the process that the discussion with them generated. Drafts or parts of this article were presented at the 4th International Conference on Democracy as Idea and Practice in Oslo, in January, 2013; at a conference on the Right to Information and Transparency, at Stanford University, on 11 March 2013; and at the Political Theory Workshop of the Political Science Department, at Stanford University, on 24 May, 2013.