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Interpersonal Perceptions of Narcissism in an At-Risk Adolescent Sample: A Social Relations Analysis



This study utilized Kenny's social relations model (SRM) to explore the interpersonal correlates of narcissism in an adolescent sample from a voluntary residential program. Participants were forty-seven 16–18-year-olds (24 males, 23 females) attending a 22-week residential program. Participants completed a self-report measure of narcissism and rated one another on narcissism-related traits and social status variables. Individuals with high levels of self-reported narcissism were perceived by peers as antagonistic and likely to engage in future delinquency. Self-reported narcissism was also associated with peer perceptions of narcissism-related traits. Therefore, adolescent narcissism seems to be detected by peers and is associated with peer perceptions of some negative qualities. Potential implications of these findings are discussed.

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