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Evaluation of Packing Attributes of Orange Juice on Consumers' Intention to Purchase by Conjoint Analysis and Consumer Attitudes Expectation


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Besides the sensory quality of food, other factors are related to the formation of expectations and selection process for a product. This study aimed to evaluate the effect of the major information found on packages of ready-to-drink orange juices marketed in Brazil on purchase intention of this product, using the conjoint analysis technique, and also associate the information defined to the attitudes of the participants regarding general health and their interest in natural/nonindustrialized products. Four factors were used, each one with two levels: nutritional information on vitamin C (rich in vitamin C × without information), sense of natural/industrialized product (homemade – with juicy bits × orange flavor added), information on preservative (without information × without added preservative) and price (high or low). Sixteen packages were designed and evaluated by 144 consumers segmented into three groups. Low price level was considered with the greatest positive impact, among all information for cluster 1. Cluster 2 just gave importance to “homemade – with juicy bits.” Only cluster 3 has more interest in general health than in natural products. Information rich in vitamin C, “homemade – with juicy bits,” without added preservative and low price grouped the ideal packaging of orange juice for most participants.

Practical Applications

Consumer expectations and what are their interests when buying food are important factors that should be known to improve the food industry because a continuous change has been noticed in eating habits and search for products that are healthier even with the current lifestyle of the twenty-first century. In order to reach a larger number of accessions to the industrialized foods, the packages' contents deserve to be developed in accordance with the public that it wants to achieve. Therefore, additional research on what information must appear on food labels needs to be done frequently in order to adapt the package of products consumed, and seek to produce food with better nutritional quality to get the consumers' healthy expectations.