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Standardising paediatric resuscitation training in New South Wales, Australia: RESUS4KIDS


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A key competency for all health-care workers (HCWs) who care for children is the ability to respond to a child in respiratory or cardiorespiratory arrest. However, evidence suggests that medical and nursing staff may not have the knowledge and clinical skills to respond to these emergencies. The aim of this project was to create a standardised, evidence-based, paediatric life support course that would be available free to all HCWs in New South Wales (NSW), including NSW Ambulance.


A paediatric life support course was designed along current education principles. It used e-learning as pre-learning and a face-to-face short practical course, combining team work and communication with practical paediatric resuscitation skills training. The programme was designed to empower local trainers to deliver a standardised course to local participants.


A total of 14 000 participants have completed the mandatory e-learning component, and over 8600 participants have completed the short practical course, across all NSW Local Health Districts, including NSW Ambulance. RESUS4KIDS has also been adopted by the universities of Sydney and Newcastle undergraduate medical and nursing programmes. Outside of NSW and ACT, over 400 participants have completed the course in facilities in Queensland, South Australia, Victoria and the Northern Territory.


We have developed a course that is available, at no cost to individuals or facilities, to all HCWs in NSW, including students, paramedics and general practitioners. We would encourage all other jurisdictions to consider adopting the programme.