After the first author proactively contacted the editor about possible statistical errors, the PDMA Publications Committee conducted a careful investigation of his publications in the Journal of Product Innovation Management and has retracted the following articles:

  • Lichtenthaler, Ulrich, and Johan Frishammar (2011), “The Impact of Aligning Product Development and Technology Licensing: A Contingency Perspective,” 28:S1, 89–103.
  • Lichtenthaler, Ulrich (2012, online), “The Performance Implications of Dynamic Capabilities: The Case of Product Innovation (June 12). On August 13, 2012, Holger Ernst contacted the Journal's Editor, and voluntarily retracted his name from this publication.

In correspondence with the PDMA Publications Committee, Prof. Dr. Lichtenthaler has indicated that Prof. Frishammar was not responsible for any of the statistical analyses in their 2011 article and Prof. Dr. Lichtenthaler accepts sole responsibility for this article being retracted.

The 2011 article is retracted because of inconsistencies in the empirical results, and the 2012 in press article is retracted because of inconsistencies between construct names.