• ADHD;
  • children;
  • fitness;
  • hyperactivity;
  • physical activity

Accessible summary

  • We examined effects of physical activity on fitness of children with and without hyperactivity.
  • No significant differences were observed in fitness levels between two groups.
  • Hyperactive children improved coordination of whole body, trunk strength and agility.


The objectives of this study were to assess the effects of participating in regular physical activity on the fitness of children with hyperactivity. The study compared a sample of children who were assessed as hyperactive with the same number of children rated as non-hyperactive. The Conners' Rating Scale was used for hyperactivity evaluation, while fitness levels were assessed using a battery of six motor tests prior to and following the completion of the physical exercise programme. The findings indicated that while overall fitness levels of both groups improved, the differences were not statistically significant. However, improvements shown within the group of hyperactive children with regard to coordination of the whole body, trunk strength and agility were statistically significant. Physical activity may be associated with enhanced levels of some aspects of physical fitness.