jpy12007-sup-0001-FigS1.tifimage/tif15056KFigure S1. Oospore dimensions of investigated oospores. Black circle, mean; whiskers, mean and SE. (A) Oospore length. (B) Oospore width. (C) Number of striae. (D) Fossa width of oospores.
jpy12007-sup-0002-FigS2.jpgimage/jpg271KFigure S2. Scatter plot showing length and width of oospores for all species and populations studied.
jpy12007-sup-0003-FigS3.jpgimage/jpg232KFigure S3. Cluster analysis showing distances of population studied based on average values for oospore length, width, number of striae, and fossa width.
jpy12007-sup-0004-TableS1.docWord document41KTable S1. Species and populations studied (F, freshwater; B, brackish water) including collection data and herbarium information.
jpy12007-sup-0005-TableS2.docWord document50KTable S2. Measurements of morphometric characters of oospores in species of Tolypella (min–max; mean ± SD). All measurements are in micrometers except for the number of striae.
jpy12007-sup-0006-TableS3.docWord document31KTable S3. Details of statistical analysis of Kruskal–Wallis test for Tolypella populations. The mean values are labeled with the same letter if they are significantly different.
jpy12007-sup-0007-TableS4.docWord document35KTable S4. Details of statistical analysis of Kruskal–Wallis test for multiple comparisons of mean ranks. Table presents differences between different populations within species.

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