jpy12031-sup-0001-AppendixS1.docxWord document55KAppendix S1. List of 183 diatom taxa including details of their biovolume (μm3), size-class (A: <100 μm3; B: 100–250 μm3; C: 250–1,000 μm3; D: >1,000 μm3), and ecological affiliations. These are divided in to two columns: Functional groups (Epipelic [Eplc]; Epipsammic [Epsmc]; Undefined [Other]) and Life-forms (Adnate [Adnt]; Stalked [Stal]; Small motile epipsammic [SMsamm], Small motile epipelic [SMpelon], Large motile [LMpelon]; Tychoplanktonic [Tych]; Planktonic [Plank]; Epiphytic [Epiph]; Undefined [Other]). Taxa used in nonparametric multivariate analysis are signaled with an x. Biometric measurements, geometric shapes used for biovolume calculation, and micrographs of each taxon is provided by Ribeiro (2010), downloadable in (
jpy12031-sup-0002-AppendixS2.pdfapplication/PDF1029KAppendix S2. Dendrogram for hierarchical clustering of diatom abundance samples of the studied stations using group-average linking of Bray–Curtis similarities. Data previously standardized and root-root transformed. Gray dotted indicate nonsignificant clustering (SIMPROF test; significance level: < 1%).

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