jpy12032-sup-0001-FigureS1.tifimage/tif28818KFigure S1. Analysis of substitutional saturation. The graphs visualize the saturation of the individual data sets by plotting ML-corrected distances against uncorrected p-distances. The triangles in the lower right of the graphs illustrate likelihood mapping results. The values in the panels indicated proportion of fully resolved (corners), partially resolved (along the sides), and fully unresolved quartets (in the center). (A) Analysis of nuclear SSU rDNA sequences. (B) Analysis of nuclear LSU rDNA sequences. (C) Analysis of plastid SSU rDNA sequences. (D) Analysis of plastid LSU rDNA sequences.
jpy12032-sup-0002-TableS1.docxWord document32KTable S1. The nuclear SSU rDNA sequence similarity and differences in base pair among the representative Cryptoglena strains.
jpy12032-sup-0003-TableS2.docxWord document49KTable S2. Evolutionary models, log-likelihood values (−lnL), and model parameters selected by BIC results of Modeltest 3.7 program (Posada and Crandall 1998) for individual and combined data sets.

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