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Figure S1. K. brevis PKS protein sequences and location of peptides used for antibody production (squares). A. KS domain protein KB2006, B. KR domain protein KB5299.

Figure S2. Western blot analysis of PKS proteins in O. cf. ovata (O.o.) and C. monotis (C.m.) using: (A.) peptide polyclonal anti-KS against K. brevis KS domain protein KB2006 (left panel) and peptide-blocked anti-KS (right panel), demonstrating specificity of the ~98 kDa band; (B) anti-KR against K. brevis KR domain protein KB2599 (left panel) and peptide-blocked anti-KR (right panel) demonstrating specificity of the ~90 kDa band.

Table S1. K. brevis sequences annotated as PKS or FAS among a database of 65,000 ESTs that assemble into 23,000 contigs. KB2006, KB6736, KB6380, KB4285, and KB1008 are K. brevis KS domain proteins previously described by Monroe and Van Dolah (2008). KB5299 is a KR domain protein.

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