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Table S1. Summary of Cylindrospermum strains newly isolated in course of this study. Strains CCALA 988-1000 are kept in parallel at the Institute of Soil Biology of the Academy of Science of the Czech Republic in České Budějovice, Czech Republic under strain codes including information on year of isolation. Herbarium and sequence accession numbers are also provided.

Table S2. Habitat type and locality of origin for the Cylindrospermum strains included in the study (where known).

Table S3. Annotated alignment of 16S-23S ITS regions used in phylogenetic analyses of Cylindrospermum species in this study. Operons with both tRNA genes are aligned separately from operons lacking tRNA genes.

Table S4. Similarity (P-distance) among representative strains of Cylindrospermum and diverse Nostocaceae in this study.

Table S5. Summary of morphological characteristics of taxa studied in the present project, based upon measurements of our material except for akinete features of Cylindrospermum muscicola, which are from Geitler 1930. Cylindrospermum CCALA1002 falls outside of the cluster of Cylindrospermum sensu stricto.

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