Figure S1. Confocal microscopy images of PDC2:YFP localization at different times during cell division. Scanning confocal light microscope images of the PDC2:YFP gene product in transgenic cells, as depicted by YFP signal (column a); yellow fluorescence is YFP, the red signal is chlorophyll autofluorescence; and transmission images of corresponding cells under white light (column b).

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Table S1. The top 37 putative P. tricornutum CAM genes, with manual annotation. The first ten are the “Top Ten” selected genes. (Protein IDs are as in the JGI portal,

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Table S2. List of primers for “Top Ten” genes and YFP, as used for PCR screening. Protein IDs in the JGI portal are indicated ( together with list of pDEST vectors used and the pEXP vectors created for transformation of P. tricornutum cells.

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