The aim of this prospective case series was to evaluate the suitability of a pre-tied ligating loop for liver biopsy or partial or complete liver lobectomy via midline coeliotomy for diagnosis or treatment of hepatic disease.


Nine client-owned animals (six dogs and three cats) in which liver biopsy or partial or complete liver lobectomy was performed using a 2–0 Polysorb™ pre-tied ligating loop (SurgiTie™; Covidien) via midline coeliotomy were included. The fit of the loop, space for incision and presence and character of bleeding from the incised surface were assessed. Pre- and postoperative haematocrit and peri-operative complications were noted. Dimensions, histopathology and mineral analysis of acquired specimens were reviewed.


The pre-tied ligating loop was successfully employed for liver biopsy and resection of torsed liver lobes and neoplastic tissue. Dirty margins were obtained in one case in which complete resection of neoplastic tissue was the primary goal. Few perioperative complications were noted, the most common being generalised oozing from the cut surface in four cases, effectively controlled with local haemostasis.

Clinical Significance

The pre-tied ligating loop is a versatile and safe method for liver biopsy or lobectomy. As with other surgical techniques, alternative methods of haemostasis should always be available.