Conservative management of fractures of the third metatarsal bone in the racing greyhound




To assess (2006 to 2012) conservative management for treatment of fractures of the third metatarsal bone (MT3) in racing greyhounds.


All racing greyhounds with MT3 fractures seen prospectively between 2006 and 2012 were included. Fracture morphology, type of conservative management, outcome and the time to a return to racing were recorded. Outcome was assessed either by communication with the trainer or by accessing the website of the Greyhound Board of Great Britain to find the complete racing history of the dog.


Eighteen cases were evaluated. Six had a support dressing and 12 had no external dressings, treatment consisting of kennel rest alone. Two dogs were retired from racing at the time of injury, two dogs sustained other injuries and the remainder (n=14) returned to successful racing with no loss of form.

Clinical Significance

Conservative management for MT3 fractures consisting of a programme of exercise restriction carries an excellent prognosis for a return to previous racing form. External support dressings do not appear to be necessary either for the welfare of the dog or for fracture management.