Linking Entrepreneurial Orientation and Firm Performance: The Role of Organizational Learning Capability and Innovation Performance


  • Joaquín Alegre,

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    • Joaquín Alegre is professor of innovation management in the Department of Management “Juan José Renau Piqueras” at the University of Valencia.
  • Ricardo Chiva

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    • Ricardo Chiva is professor of human resource management in the Department of Business Administration and Marketing at the University Jaume I.

Address correspondence to: Joaquín Alegre, Department of Management “Juan José Renau Piqueras,” Joaquín ALEGRE, University of Valencia, Av. Naranjos, s/n. 46022 Valencia, Spain. E-mail:


This research contributes to the entrepreneurial orientation (EO)–performance literature by offering a wider picture that includes two intermediate steps: organizational learning capability (OLC) and innovation performance. This study also provides an explanation of intra-industry firm performance differences by focusing on EO. We use structural equation modeling to test the hypotheses on a data set from Italian and Spanish ceramic tile producers. The results support our conceptual model and demonstrate its usefulness in explaining differences in intra-industry firm performance. Findings suggest that OLC and innovation performance should be enhanced by managers in order to boost the positive EO–performance link.