Corporate Social Disclosure in the Franchising Sector: Insights from French Franchisors’ Websites


  • Rozenn Perrigot thanks the French National Research Agency (references: FRANBLE – ANR-12-BSH1-0011-01), the Human Sciences Institute in Brittany (reference: FRANNET) as well as the sponsors of the Center in Franchising, Retail & Service Chains for their valuable support. She also thanks Sébastien Herpin and Kelly Prioux for their assistance in the data collection.


This paper explores corporate social responsibility (CSR) within the franchising sector. More specifically, using regulation theory, stakeholder–agency theory, transaction cost analysis, and literature on plural form, along with an empirical study conducted on the franchising sector in the French market, we find significant and positive relationships between chain size and the extent of corporate social disclosure (CSD) on franchisors’ websites and between the percentage of company-owned units within the chain and the extent of CSD on franchisors’ websites. Moreover, though findings reveal that 86.03 percent of the 136 sampled franchisors communicate about at least one of their CSR activities on their websites, differences in terms of highlighted categories (e.g., environment, human resources, and products) and the extent of available CSR information exist.