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Efficacy of petrolatum jelly for the prevention of diaper rash: A randomized clinical trial


  • Acknowledgement

    No external funding was received for this trial.

  • Disclosure: The authors report no actual or potential conflicts of interest.



To assess the efficacy of petrolatum jelly for the prevention of diaper rash and to evaluate the relationship between the occurrence of diaper rash and certain treatments and type of nutrition.

Design and Methods

A randomized clinical trial was carried out with two parallel groups (n = 213) at the neonatal care unit of Donostia University Hospital in San Sebastián, Guipuzcoa Province, Spain.


There was a lower incidence of diaper rash in the experimental group with petrolatum jelly (17.1%) than the control group (22.2%), but the difference was not statistically significant (p =.39). The use of antibiotics and oral 50% glucose as well as an increased number of stools are associated with a higher incidence of diaper rash, while breastfeeding and phototherapy are protective factors.

Practice Implications

Prevention is strengthened by a better understanding of the risk factors.

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