Figure S1. Amino acid sequence of rFVIIIFc.

Figure S2. Thrombin mapping of rFVIIIFc and rBDD FVIII by liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry: Deconvoluted mass spectra of the Fc fragment of rFVIIIFc (A), and the spectra for the 6 kDa light-chain N-terminus peptide fragment of rFVIIIFc (B and C) and rBDD FVIII (D and E).

Figure S3. Surface plasmon resonance sensorgrams that depict the interactions of (A) rFVIIIFc and (B) rBDD FVIII with immobilized hVWF.

Table S1. Identification of Fc containing different N-linked glycans of rFVIIIFc.

Table S2. Identification of 6 kDa LC N-terminus peptide of rFVIIIFc.

Table S3. Identification of heterogenities of A2 domain of rFVIIIFc.

Table S4. List of the major peptides of rFVIIIFc after LysC digest and MS analysis.

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