It has become tradition that the Local Organizing Committee prepares a State of the Art book to accompany the congress of the International Society on Thrombosis and Hemostasis. The XXIVth congress follows this tradition with this 14th edition of a series that started in Brussels in 1987. Chapters from previous State of the Art books are important papers that are highly appreciated by readers of our Journal. It is our hope and expectation that also the contributions to this version will provide us the insight and understanding in the various fields of thrombosis and hemostasis anno 2013. The contributions in this version consist of a balanced mixture of basic and clinical review papers. The contributors were asked to provide comprehensive overviews of their field and we allowed them considerable length, and freedom in the inclusion of necessary figures. The book that lies before you is, to our of course biased opinion, impressive and will be used as ‘text book’ for some time to come. We are grateful to the contributing authors for their excellent work. Furthermore, we are indebted to the many international reviewers that under the ever-present time pressure had to prepare their comments. The guidance of the editorial office of the Journal of Thrombosis and Hemostasis, Fee Johnstone and Laura Anderson, was instrumental in handling all the chapters.

We wish you happy reading!

The editors would like to acknowledge the contribution of the following reviewers to this State of the Art book

R. Andrews

E. Angles-Cano

V. Arruda

T. Baglin

W. Bahou

S. Bates

P. Bock

G. Castamann

M. Cattaneo

K. Clemetson

B. Coller

M. Colucci

J. Crawley

E. Creemers

P. de Groot

B. de Laat

M. de Maat

F. Dignat-George

S. Eichinger

A. Federici

C. Gardiner

A. Goodeve

T. Hackeng

J. Harenberg

K. High

P. Hordijk

M. Huisman

P. James

N. Key

S. Kitchen

S. Krishnaswamy

M. Laffan

D. Lane

C. Lee

D. Lillicrap

T. Lisman

C. Longstaff

S. Middeldorp

R. Nieuwland

S. Olson

T. Orfeo

C. Philipp

S. Pipe

P. Prandoni

J. Rak

K. Rao

W. Ruf

P. Reitsma

A. Rezaie

M. Rodger

E. Sadler

A. Schmaier

N. Smith

A. Spek

H. Spronk

A. Srivastava

E. Tuddenham

J. van der Bom

V. van Hinsbergh

C. van't Veer

F. Verheugt

H. Versteeg

J. Voorberg

P. Wells

A. Wolberg