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Estimation of the long-memory stochastic volatility model parameters that is robust to level shifts and deterministic trends


Department of Economics, Brown University, Box B, 64 Waterman St., Providence, RI 02912, USA.



I provide conditions under which the trimmed FDQML estimator, advanced by McCloskey (2010) in the context of fully parametric short-memory models, can be used to estimate the long-memory stochastic volatility model parameters in the presence of additive low-frequency contamination in log-squared returns. The types of low-frequency contamination covered include level shifts as well as deterministic trends. I establish consistency and asymptotic normality in the presence or absence of such low-frequency contamination under certain conditions on the growth rate of the trimming parameter. I also provide theoretical guidance on the choice of trimming parameter by heuristically obtaining its asymptotic MSE-optimal rate under certain types of low-frequency contamination. A simulation study examines the finite sample properties of the robust estimator, showing substantial gains from its use in the presence of level shifts. The finite sample analysis also explores how different levels of trimming affect the parameter estimates in the presence and absence of low-frequency contamination and long-memory.