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Introduction from the International Renal Interest Society


The International Renal Interest Society (IRIS; www.iris-kidney.com) was established in the 1990s with a primary mission of advancing our profession's approach to renal disease in general, and to chronic kidney disease (CKD) in particular. The IRIS Board's initial focus was the development of IRIS Guidelines for Staging of Canine and Feline CKD. Over the past decade, veterinary publications have increasingly utilized IRIS CKD Staging, with studies now routinely reporting the importance of differences in the characteristics and responses to treatment among these stages. Appreciating the importance of a similarly standardized approach to acute kidney injury (AKI), the IRIS Board has proposed an IRIS grading scheme for AKI.

Recently, the IRIS Board recognized the potential benefits of developing a consensus approach to canine glomerular disease, with a primary goal of increasing patient outcomes. Members of the IRIS Board played a pivotal role in the establishment of the WSAVA Renal Standardization Project (www.wsava.org/educational/renal-standardization-project) with a vision of improving the diagnosis of glomerular disease in dogs. At the IRIS Board meeting in 2010, Drs David Polzin and Larry Cowgill proposed the formation of a study group to address the need for consensus recommendations for the management of dogs with glomerular disease. The present series of reports and recommendations represents the culmination of a large amount of work on the part of Larry and David, the IRIS Board, and the numerous outside experts who were invited to participate as members of this study group. This initiative utilized a standardized method for the development of consensus recommendations and will hopefully serve as model for future efforts in veterinary nephrology in particular, and veterinary medicine in general. The IRIS Board thanks the Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine for their willingness to widely share the results of this work, Novartis Animal Health for their support of IRIS, and Larry and David for their innovative leadership.