jvim12317-sup-0001-TabS1.docxWord document14KTable S1. PCR primer sequences, amplicon sizes, and annealing temperatures for PCR amplification of canine SOD1 exons.
jvim12317-sup-0002-TabS2.docxWord document74KTable S2. SOD1:c.118 genotypes and A allele frequencies for individual breeds.
jvim12317-sup-0003-TabS3.docxWord document57KTable S3. SOD1:c.52 genotypes and T allele frequencies for individual breeds or varieties.
jvim12317-sup-0004-TabS4.docxWord document18KTable S4. SOD1:c.118 genotypes of DM-affected and control dogs with evaluated spinal cord histopathology.
jvim12317-sup-0005-TabS5.docxWord document16KTable S5. Compilation of owner-reported clinical-update survey results.
jvim12317-sup-0006-FigS1.docxWord document1077KFig S1. Photomicrographs of spinal cord sections with and without SOD1 aggregates.
jvim12317-sup-0007-FigS2.pdfPDF document82KFig S2. DM Questionnaire.

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