Drug–drug interactions (DDIs) may adversely affect the prevention and cure of diseases. The effects of three polyether ionophore antibiotics, salinomycin (SAL), monensin (MON), and maduramycin (MAD) on the pharmacokinetics of florfenicol (FFC) were investigated in broilers. The chickens were fed rations with or without SAL (60 mg/kg feeds), MON (120 mg/kg feeds), or MAD (5 mg/kg feeds) for 14 consecutive days. FFC was given to the chickens either intravenously (i.v.) or orally (p.o.) at a single dose of 30 mg/kg body weight. Blood samples were taken from each chicken at 0–24 h postadministration of FFC. The plasma concentration of FFC was detected by high-performance liquid chromatography. The plasma concentration of FFC decreased with i.v. or p.o. co-administration of SAL, MON, or MAD in broilers, implying occurrence of DDIs during the co-administration of FFC with these ionophores. Our findings suggest that more attention should be given to the use of FFC to treat bacterial infections in chickens supplemented with polyether ionophore antibiotics.