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Detection, quantifications, and pharmacokinetics of ponazuril in healthy swine



A study on pharmacokinetics of ponazuril in piglets was conducted after a single oral dose of 5.0 mg/kg b.w. Plasma concentrations were measured by high-performance liquid chromatography assay with UV detector at 255-nm wavelength. Pharmacokinetic parameters were derived by use of a standard noncompartmental pharmacokinetic analysis. Samples from six piglets showed good plasma concentrations of ponazuril, which peaked at 5.83 ± 0.94 μg/mL. Mean ± SD area under the plasma concentration–time curve was 1383.42 ± 363.26 h/μg/mL, and the elimination half-life was 135.28 ± 19.03 h. Plasma concentration of ponazuril peaked at 42 h (range, 36–48 h) after administration and gradually decreased but remained detectable for up to 33 days. No adverse effects were observed during the study period. The results indicate that ponazuril was relatively well absorbed following a single dose, which makes ponazuril likely to be effective in swine.