Figure S1. Non-metric multidimensional scaling of the vegetation data set.

Table S1. Frequency table of indicative species of a hierarchical vegetation clustering.

Figure S2. eHOF model shapes I–VII with response parameters.

Figure S3. Reconstruction of simulated response shapes with eHOF compared to GAM model fitting. Presence/absence data are derived from artificial beta response curves with Bernoulli error and 100 random runs: (a) at intermediate gradient position (pH between 4.8 and 6.5). (b) at the acidic gradient end (pH between 3.8 and 5.5) (c) at intermediate pH truncated to values above 5.5.

Figure S4. Scatter plot of eHOF model parameters.

Figure S5. eHOF model plots for all species occurring at least 10 times within the data set.

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