jvs12067-sup-0012-AppendixS1.docxWord document19KAppendix S1. Environmental and structural variables and species composition with coverage estimates for each sample plot.
jvs12067-sup-0001-PhotoS1.jpgimage/jpg2397KPhoto S1. Anchusa cespitosa, 15 μm cross-section, 500 μm scale, 25× magnified, growth ring structure indistinct.
jvs12067-sup-0002-photoS2.jpgimage/jpg3337KPhoto S2. Astragalus angustifolius, 25 μm cross-section, 500 μm scale, 50× magnified, semi-ring-porous, distinct growth rings.
jvs12067-sup-0003-PhotoS3.jpgimage/jpg2816KPhoto S3. Origanum microphyllum, 20 μm cross-section, 200 μm scale, 100× magnified, semi-ring-porous, distinct growth rings.
jvs12067-sup-0004-PhotoS4.jpgimage/jpg2818KPhoto S4. Satureja spinosa, 15 μm cross-section, 200 μm scale, 100× magnified, semi-ring-porous.
jvs12067-sup-0005-PhotoS5.jpgimage/jpg2522KPhoto S5. Sideritis syriaca, 15 μm cross-section, 200 μm scale, 100× magnified, semi-ring-porous.
jvs12067-sup-0006-PhotoS6.JPGimage/jpg7231KPhoto S6. Lowland phrygana with Thymbra capitata and Sarcopoterium spinosum, Frangokastello, Crete, Greece.
jvs12067-sup-0007-PhotoS7.JPGimage/jpg5853KPhoto S7. Upland phrygana with Phlomis fruticosa and Verbascum spinosum, Sfakia, Crete, Greece.
jvs12067-sup-0008-PhotoS8.JPGimage/jpg7580KPhoto S8. Upland phrygana with Daphne sericea, Kedros, Crete, Greece.
jvs12067-sup-0009-PhotoS9.JPGimage/jpg6689KPhoto S9. Phlomis fruticosa, Crete, Greece.
jvs12067-sup-0010-PhotoS10.JPGimage/jpg5413KPhoto S10. Euphorbia acanthothamnos, Crete, Greece.
jvs12067-sup-0011-Legends.docxWord document14K 

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