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Appendix S1. Example of calculating functional diversity FDQ, trait dissimilarity TDQ and functional evenness FEQ.

Appendix S2. R code for the calculations in Appendix S1.

Appendix S3. Principal components analysis (PCA) of all 26 traits.

Appendix S4. Scree plot of eigenvalues of the first ten PCA axes.

Appendix S5. Loadings of all 26 traits on the first ten axes in the PCA.

Appendix S6. Inter-relationships of all 26 traits.

Appendix S7. FD variables based on random trait selection.

Appendix S8. Results of the randomization approaches.

Appendix S9. Functional diversity FDQ as a function of number of randomly drawn species.

Appendix S10. FD variables based on random selection of 20 species.

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