Fig. S1. Soil content of ammonium and nitrate in different treatments and at different sampling dates, representing different time periods since last fertilizer application.

Fig. S2. Different species' relative proportion of total biomass in competition matrices fertilized either with ammonium-containing nutrient solution or with nitrate-containing solution.

Fig. S3. Re-analysis of an independent data set from Bogner (1968) and Bogner & Dieterich (1968): regression for species EIV and the ratio of total dry weight of plants grown with ammonium as compared to nitrate.

Fig. S4. Total water supply from precipitation plus weekly fertilizer during the course of the experiment

Fig. S5. Soil properties in different treatments.


Table S1. Overview of species examined in the greenhouse experiment with Ellenberg indicator values (EIV) for soil reaction (R), soil nutrients (N) and soil humidity (F).

Table S2. Statistics on total dry weight in different fertilizer treatments in the greenhouse experiment.

jvs12124-sup-0003-TextS1.pdfapplication/PDF259KText S1. Details on plant culture in common garden and greenhouse experiments and data handling for re-analysis of results from Bogner (1968) and Bogner & Dieterich (1968).

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