This study examines the daily and annual changes in amylase and basic and acid protease activities in gilt-head sea bream, Sparus aurata. During the experiment, the fish were kept in cages for production under natural temperature and photoperiod conditions and fed with a commercial diet. To study the effect of photoperiod and temperature, the experiments were conducted during six different months that were chosen based on temperature and photoperiod. To determine daily changes in enzymes activities, for every 3 h during 24 h period, six fish were randomly selected and sacrificed. The annual results for acid protease activity show a rhythm with 6-mo period (bimodal rhythm) with acrophases in May and November. The activities of pancreatic enzymes, which include basic protease and amylase, exhibited parallel changes with two peaks of activity in January and October without a rhythmic pattern. The daily changes in enzyme activities are significant only in May, June, and November for basic proteases and May, October, and November for amylase (P < 0.05). The observed variations suggest a varying capacity for digestion depending on the day and the year and could aid in the study of seasonal feeding protocols.