Figure S1 Major bufadienolides identified from the parotoid gland secretion of Bufo japonicus (a) and the nuchal gland fluid of Rhabdophis tigrinus (b). For structure elucidation of the shown compounds, see Hutchinson et al. (2007, 2008). Note the corrected chain length of T11 (Hutchinson et al. 2008). Compound 8 is 11α-hydroxytelocinobufagin, compound 10 is gamabufotalin, compound 13 is hellebrigenin, and compound 17 is telocinobufagenin. With kind permission from Springer Science and Business Media: Hutchinson, D.A., Savitzky, A.H., Mori, A., Burghardt, G.M., Meinwald, J. & Schroeder, F.C. (2012). Chemical investigations of defensive steroid sequestration by the Asian snake Rhabdophis tigrinus. Chemoecology 22, 199–206, fig. 1, © Springer Basel AG 2011.

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