Methods S1. DNA amplification, cloning and sequencing.

Methods S2. Phylogenetic analyses of SSU and ITS rDNA.

Methods S3. RFLP analysis.

jzo12095-sup-0002-fs1.jpg49KFigure S1. Phylogeny of G. truncatulinoides and related species. Bayesian phylogeny (50% majority consensus tree) of SSU rDNA sequences from 11 planktic foraminiferal morphospecies. Bayesian posterior probability and bootstrap value (≥ 50%) are shown at each node. Newly obtained sequences are shown in bold characters, with which asterisks indicate the sequences of left-coiled forms.
jzo12095-sup-0003-ts1.xls55KTable S1. Mean temperatures and numbers of specimens used for analyses. R indicates the number of right-coiled specimens.

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