Figure S1. Prior probability density distribution of parameters and example growth curves: (a) prior density of population mean growth asymptote, (b) density of Exp(20) (solid line) and Exp(30) (dashed line) used for unknown standard deviations, and (c) example of Gompertz growth curves with asymptotic size as population mean and rate α = −0.008 (upper line, fast growth) and α = −0.064 (lower line, slow growth).

Figure S2. Posterior probability density distributions for (a) Kμ and (b) rate αμ. Histogram of posterior distribution, smoothed kernel density plot as solid black line, prior distribution as dashed line, and male and female specific parameter Kmale and Kfemale posterior distributions as blue and red, respectively.

Table S1. Median and 95% Bayesian confidence intervals for model parameters.

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