Figure S1. Frequency of mitochondrial DNA haplotypes (cytb gene) in each Lacerta lepida population.

Figure S2. Allele frequencies per locus for each Lacerta lepida mtDNA lineage. Dark grey bars represent Lepida (populations 5–9) and light grey bars represent Nevadensis (populations 1–4).

Figure S3. Magnitude of ΔK, as defined by Evanno et al. (2005), as a function of K.

Table S1. List of Lacerta lepida samples collected from nine populations in south-eastern Spain. For each sample, the cytochromeb haplotype based on 627 base pairs (Cytb Hap.) and the genotypes (allele size) scored in five loci (B4, Liz24, C9, PB73 and PB66) are shown. Samples that were not successfully amplified for cytb or genotyped are denoted by n.a. (not applicable).

Table S2. Posterior probabilities of K for each run.

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