liv12115-sup-0001-TableS1.docWord document29KTable S1. QUADAS questionnaire.
liv12115-sup-0002-FigureS1.tifimage/tif524KFigure S1. Proportion of studies rated as “yes”, “no”, or “unclear” for each of the QUADAS items. QUADAS item 6 (“Did patients receive the same reference standard regardless of the index test result?”) was rated with “No” in most studies, since most studies used different reference methods for malignant liver lesions (histology) and benign liver lesions (CT/MRI). However, these are the accepted reference methods in clinical practice and histology of benign lesions is often not justified.
liv12115-sup-0003-FigureS2.tifimage/tif112KFigure S2. Summary ROC curve from the HSROC analysis. The black point presents the optimal cut off point and the other circles the single studies.
liv12115-sup-0004-Legend-Supplementary-Figures.docWord document27K 

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