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Table S1. List of 195 genes commonly regulated across all 18 HCC cell lines. The gene symbol, Entrez Gene ID and Name, as well as its mean fold change are given.


Figure S1. Box plot summary of all 195 genes commonly, differentially expressed in all 18 HCC cell lines investigated. The gene names are provided on the y-axis (a list of these genes is provided in the Supplement). The bar in the middle of the box of each gene represents average fold changes (log2 transformed). Expression values <-1 summarize genes with a more than two-fold reduction in expression. Values >1 represent genes with an expression change of more than two-fold. The x-axis provides fold changes (log2-transformed).


Figure S2. Distribution plots of the gene expression data for each cell line. The frequency of M-values is shown on the x-axis, while the M-values are given on the y-axis. The legend provides the number of differentially regulated genes (M-values >1 and <−1), their differentiation into up- and downregulated genes, the total number of genes used for generation of these plots (Total) and the number of genes for which no data were available (NAs).

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