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Table S1. List of primers sequences.

Fig. S1. Body weight, tissue weights, steatosis and metabolic determinants of obesity in female foz/foz and WT C57BL6/J and BALB/c mice.

Fig. S2. In female mice steatohepatitis occurs in both strains of HF-fed foz/foz mice, whereas liver fibrosis occurs in HF-fed foz/foz C57BL6/J, but not in BALB/c mice.

Fig. S3. Method for back-crossing Alms1 (foz) mutation from founder NOD.B10 strain onto BALB/c background (method for C57BL6/J was identical).

Fig. S4. Intraperitoneal glucose tolerance testing (IPGTT) of wildtype (WT) C57BL/6 mice fed 26–30 weeks either chow or the same high-fat diet (HF), as used in this study.

Fig. S5. Intraperitoneal glucose tolerance testing of foz/foz and WT BALB/c mice fed the same high-fat diet (HF), as used in this study for 8 weeks (the mice are 11 weeks of age).

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