maec12028-sup-0001-FigS1.tifimage/tif2340KFigure S1. Beginning of the cell migration after the ligature removal.
maec12028-sup-0002-VideoS1.mpgvideo/mpg11402KVideo S1. Coenosarc distal to ligature.
maec12028-sup-0003-VideoS2.mpgvideo/mpg12642KVideo S2. Cell migration just after the ligature removal.
maec12028-sup-0004-VideoS3.mpgvideo/mpg12380KVideo S3. Cell migration at the base of the experimental hydranth after ligature removal.
maec12028-sup-0005-VideoS4.mpgvideo/mpg7168KVideo S4. Re-appearance of nematoblasts: nematoblasts migration along the tentacles of experimental hydranth after removal of the ligature.
maec12028-sup-0006-VideoS5.mpgvideo/mpg14224KVideo S5. Cell migration at the base of the control hydranth.
maec12028-sup-0007-Supplement-Kosevich.pdfPDF document14K 

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