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Figure S1. Additional SEM images of HMA sponges: (A) Aplysina cauliformis, (B) Agelas conifera, (C) Agelas clathroides, (D) Chondrilla caribensis forma hermatypa, (E) Calyx podatypa, (F) Smenospongia aurea.

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Figure S2. Additional SEM images of LMA sponges: (A) Amphimedon compressa, (B) Niphates digitalis, (C) Spheciospongia vesparium, (D) Scoplina reutzleri, (E) Tedania klausi.

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Figure S3. DAPI-stained sections of (A) the HMA sponge Chondrilla caribensis forma hermatypa, and (B) the LMA sponge Scheciospongia vesparium. Choanocyte chambers are indicated by dashed circles.

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