maec12135-sup-0001-DataS1.docWord document33K Data S1. Methods used to estimate and choose the number of discrete populations K in STRUCTURE, STRUCTURE configurations for the manuscript, as well as results from additional runs.
maec12135-sup-0002-DataS2.docWord document28KData S2. Tests of hierarchical genetic structuring using FST-based Analysis of Molecular Variance (AMOVA).
maec12135-sup-0003-FigS1.pdfapplication/PDF41KFig. S1. Additional STRUCTURE runs under the LOCPRIOR model on a reduced dataset as further described in Data S1.
maec12135-sup-0004-FigS2.pdfapplication/PDF48KFig. S2.STRUCTURE results for K = 2 under the LOCPRIOR model comparing global results with the results for Puerto Rican locations only.
maec12135-sup-0005-TableS1.docWord document56KTable S1. Geographic distance matrices between the 14 locations reported in the manuscript.
maec12135-sup-0006-TableS2.docWord document68K Table S2. Configurations and results for AMOVA for Data S2.

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