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The Impact of Truancy on Educational Attainment during Compulsory Schooling: a Bivariate Ordered Probit Estimator with Mixed Effects


  • Franz Buscha,

    1. University of Westminster
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  • Anna Conte

    1. University of Westminster
    2. Max Planck Institute of Economics, Germany
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    • The authors gratefully acknowledge valuable advice and comments from the Editor, Prof. Martyn Andrews, three anonymous referees, Paul Latreille (Swansea), Franco Peracchi (Tor Vergata, Rome), Philomena Bacon (Lancaster), seminar participants at the International Workshop in Applied Education Economics 2010 (Catanzaro) and seminar participants at the Work, Pensions and Employment Group annual conference 2010 (Bristol). Usual disclaimers apply.


This paper investigates the relationship between educational attainment in compulsory schooling and truancy. Using data from the Youth Cohort Study (YCS) of England and Wales and the Longitudinal Study of Young People in England (LSYPE), we estimate the impact of truancy on indicators of educational performance. The YCS measures both truancy and attainment as ordered responses. Our bivariate ordered probit model with mixed effects deals with both the ordered nature of the data and the potential endogeneity of truancy. In addition, it allows us to estimate the distribution of the truancy effect on educational attainment.