Table S1. 53Mn–53Cr pallasite data (Hsu 2005).

Table S2. 60Fe–60Ni sulfide data (Tachibana & Huss 2003b).

Table S3. 53Mn–53Cr sulfide data (Guan et al. 2007).

Table S4. 60Fe–60Ni sulfide data (Guan et al. 2007).

Table S5. 60Fe–60Ni chondrule data (Tachibana et al. 2006).

Table S6. 60Fe–60Ni chondrule data (Tachibana et al. 2007; Tachibana et al. 2009; Telus et al. 2011).

Table S7. 10Be–10B CAI data (MacPherson et al. 2003).

Data S1. Complete calculation of ratios and isochrons for the 60Fe–60Ni systematics of an enstatitechondrite sulfide using the mean of the ratios and total counts. This Microsoft Excel file includes a total of four worksheets. We calculate the ratios and isochrons in separate worksheets. The data–reduction method, sample name, and description are listed at the top of each worksheet.

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