From the Editor of the Meteoritical Bulletin


The Meteoritical Bulletin (MB) is a record of all newly recognized and classified meteorites as accepted by the Nomenclature Committee of the Meteoritical Society. Issue 1 of the bulletin appeared in 1957 under the editorship of Yevgeny Leonidovich Krinov. For the first 30 yr, the bulletin provided descriptions of only tens of meteorites per annum (see Fig. 1). However, 1989 ushered in a new era in meteoritics, with the description of Daraj 001 from Libya, the first north African desert meteorite from a dense collection area. The Northwest Africa (NWA) series, starting with NWA 001 in MB 84, heralded an avalanche of new hot-desert meteorites. With the addition of a multitude of Antarctic meteorite finds, the Meteoritical Bulletin was published semi-annually, with printed pages swelling to nearly 100. The number of annually approved meteorites is likely to continue to increase given the continuing flood of NWAs, recent fruitful meteoritical explorations in Chile and China, and continued hunting in Antarctica. Therefore, starting with MB 99, the bulletin will be published online only and downloadable as a pdf. There is now little need for a hard copy version of the bulletin given the universality of pdf format and ease with which the Meteoritical Bulletin Database (MBDB) can be searched. While there are pros and cons to publishing the bulletin solely online, overall the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, given the low costs of online publishing, and the fact that the bulletin is a periodic compilation of data within the MBDB. All issues of the bulletin are available at

Figure 1.

Numbers of non-Antarctic meteorites published per year in the Meteoritical Bulletin.