This article corrects:

  1. Composition and petrology of HED polymict breccias: The regolith of (4) Vesta Volume 48, Issue 11, 2105–2134, Article first published online: 27 November 2013

In the following article, an error appeared in Fig. 9. The correct figure appears here, and was updated in the online version of the article.

Figure 9.

a) Pyroxene quadrilateral diagram for howardites EET 83376, EET 87509, and LAP 04838 showing the presence of pyroxenes with compositions like those of cumulate eucrites Binda (B), Moama (M), Moore County (MC), and Serra de Magè (SM). LAP 04838 contains many grains more ferroan than those in main-group eucrite Sioux County (SC) or a Nuevo Laredo-trend eucrite basalt clast from Y-793164 (Y). Eucrite data are from Harlow et al. (1979), Lovering (1975), Mittlefehldt (1990), Mittlefehldt and Lindstrom (1993), Mittlefehldt et al. (1998b), and Pun and Papike (1995). b) Backscattered electron image showing pyroxene grain in EET 83376 (labeled 6 in a) with a blebby augite exsolution texture like those of some cumulate eucrites. Scale bar is 200 μm.