Fig. S1 Comparison of nucleotide diversity at ch2- and X-loci in three populations of Dmelanogaster

Fig. S2 Oscillations of the recombination rates along the cytogenetic map of the second chromosome of the Dmelanogaster

Fig. S3 Neighbor-joining trees of silent segregating sites, using MEGA5. Four trees are shown for each locus: a global tree using a D. simulans outgroup, and three sub-trees for each population (France, Ivory Coast, and Malawi). Red squares : France haplotypes; blue circles: Ivory Coast haplotypes; red triangles: Malawi haplotypes. Bootstrap values (in percent from 10,000 values) are given for all nodes.

Fig. S4 Median Joining network of the major* haplotypes at the Fbp2 locus.

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Table S1 Population sampling

Table S2 Primers used for amplification and sequencing

Table S3 NCBI accession details.

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