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Table S1 Summary statistics for each microsatellite locus.

Table S2 Number of individuals by origin for each return year that were genotyped for this study, and were included in parentage analysis.

Table S3 Relative reproductive success (RRS) of female, male and jack F1 fish (including potential parents producing zero adult offspring) from BY 1998 and 2000.

Table S4 Supplementary information for Table 2, showing the proportion of F1 fish (from BY 1998 and 2000) that produced one or more returning adult offspring in 2002–2004.

Table S5 Supplementary information for Table 3, showing average reproductive success (RS) and variance estimates.

Fig. S1 Histogram of estimated fitness (i.e. number of offspring produced) for hatchery- and wild-origin female natural spawners from 1998 through 2005.

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