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Table S1 Sampling sites and sample collection of Dysoxylum malabaricum.

Table S2 Overview on Dysoxylum malabaricum individuals defined as mother tree showing: Adult trees within grove, seed array assignments, pollen donors, effective pollen donors, pollen immigration, pollen dispersal distances, kinship coefficient of parent pairs and degrees of isolation (sorted by classification of isolation degree).

Fig. S1 Fraction of ancestry based on Bayesian clustering of the Dysoxylum malabaricum age cohorts with Structure software for (a) the 235 adult samples for four assumed clusters, (b) the 119 sapling samples for seven assumed clusters and (c) the 488 seedling samples for 8 assumed clusters. The numbers below the bar plots indicate the sampling sites.

Fig. S2 Boxplot of the number of effective pollen donors (Nep) per mother tree classified according to the local density of conspecific trees within 500 m.

Fig. S3 Individual fecundity of all adult trees, showing that most trees contribute little pollen and few trees disproportionally more pollen.

Appendix S1 Survey methods for the inventory of Dysoxylum malabaricum within the study area.

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