Table S1 Summary of population location, genotype and allele statistics for all sampled populations.

Table S2 Oligonucleotide sequences used for AFLP generation.

Table S3 Summary of cline statistics for AFLP loci.

Table S4 Progeny test results.

Table S5 AFLP and leaf shape genotypes.


Fig. S1 Outputs of a 76-deme model for (a) DFDIST and (b) BayeScan. Filled circles represent the leaf shape locus, open circles represent AFLP loci.

Fig. S2 Posterior probabilities of InStruct outputs for K = 2–4.

Fig. S3 Spatial autocorrelation coefficients (r) ±95% CLs for the leaf shape locus (solid line and filled circles) and for all AFLP loci (black dashed line and empty circles) across 10 distance size classes.

mec12057-sup-0003-Appendix.pdfapplication/PDF47KAppendix S1 Detailed methods for the greenhouse experiment, DNA extraction, AFLP marker development, Instruct and spatial autocorrelation analysis.

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