Table S1 Polymorphic restriction-site-associated DNA-tag loci detected in this study named after the marker nomenclature of Miller et al. (2012).

Table S2 Complete data set used for genome-wide association study, including life-history classification smolt (1 = smolt, 2 = resident), ATPase [ATPase activity (μmoles/Pi/h/mg Protein)], Sex (1 = male, 2 = female), coefficients of ancestry as inferred by the programs Structure and clumpp (Q1–Q4), and the 11 196 markers R00012–R49475.

Table S3 Results of the eight genome-wide association study analyses run, including linkage group assignment and genetic position in the two linkage maps (Miller_LG, Miller_cM, Miller et al. 2012; Hecht_LG, Hecht_cM, Hecht et al. 2012), Hardy–Weinberg equilibrium (HWE) P-values in Yakima (Yak) and Upper Mann Creek (UMC), genotyping success (%Miss), and minor allele frequency (MAF).

Table S4 Blast2Go results for all 550 restriction-site-associated DNA-tag sequences detected for having a significant association with either the migratory life-history trait or ATPase activity.


Fig. S1 Total raw, quality filtered, and quality filtered and barcode stripped reads from five restriction-site-associated DNA-tag sequencing libraries.

Fig. S2 Histogram of total quality filtered reads for each of 182 fish samples sequenced excluding seven samples with low-yield sequence which were pruned before analyses.

Fig. S3 Rainbow trout restriction-site-associated DNA-tag genetic linkage map adapted from Miller et al. (2012).

mec12082-sup-0003-FileS1.docxWord document17KFile S1 Overview of the steps and commands used in this study for the bioinformatic pipeline of Miller et al. (2012).

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