mec12099-sup-0001-TableS1.txtplain text document15KTables S1 (GoldenGate SNP assay details) and Table S3 (SNP dataset analyzed) are provided separately as tab delimited text files.

Table S2 Epidemiology of P. falciparum in children and pregnant women.

Fig. S1 GoldenGate SNP genotyping. Shown here is a typical SNP graph for the A/G SNP on chromosome 14 position 1853537, showing clustering of infections based on their genotypes. Genotype calls are based on the normalized ratio of fluorescence intensity signals for the “A” and the “G” allele in the sample.

Fig. S2 Influence of thresholds used to call MIs. To further determine if the trends observed are robust to the threshold used for categorizing MIs, infections were categorized as MIs using four different threshold values (>1, >5, >10 and >25 heterozygous SNP calls).

Fig. S3 UPGMA tree showing clustering of multilocus genotypes (MLGs) based on the proportion of shared alleles.

Fig. S4 Disparity in malaria in malaria cases among age and sex classes.

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