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Appendix S1 Further explanation and justification of analysis of P-values.

Appendix S2 Summary of population genetic data for parasitoids andaphids at each sampling site.

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Table S1 Sampling location ordered from North to South, sample size, Genotypes, Unique/Multicopy genotypes (U/M), Loci in disequilibrium (LD), Gene Diversity (1 − Q), Inbreeding coefficient (Fis) and its significance (P-value) of the aphid Eriosoma lanigerum females, annual days below zero (ADBZ) and Average Temperature (Temp.) per site. Parafit P is the proportion of null webs with a test statistic (phylogenetic congruence) greater than or equal to the observed web.

Table S2 Parasitism rates, allelic richness, observed heterozygosity (Ho), and gene diversity of Aphelinus mali females per site.

Fig. S1 Average assignment probability of individuals of Eriosoma lanigerum (aphid host, above) independent from sampling origin based on 100 repetitions of 50 000 sweeps using TESS showing K = 7 genetic clusters for the aphids and the correspondent structure for its parasitoid Aphelinus mali (below), from North to South.

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